Felt Suction Box (UHLE) by Paperchine

Felt Suction Boxes are custom designed to provide optimum felt conditioning performance. Standard Features: Extra heavy duty, all stainless steel fabrication eliminates: Thermal distortion, Vibration problems, Deflection problems. Precision machined top surface with JohnsonFoils™ patented T-bar blade mounts for even, “streak-free” dewatering. Removable wear strips. Exclusive JohnsonFoils lubri-deckle reduces edge wear. Mounting brackets with vertical adjustment. Universal rotational mounting bracket available. Flanged end outlet. Available Options: Ceramic insert wear strips, full ceramic wear strips, “slip-on” herringbone or Trapezoid style covers for seamed felts, manual or automatic rotating mechanisms, anti-blow box cover designs, mounting brackets with vertical adjustment, attached lubricating shower mounting brackets, lubricating shower, narrow-land DurLoc® covers for reduced felt wear, WeirFlo flow measurement air/water separators.

Product Benefits:

  • Uniform dewatering in the cross machine direction is ensured with a properly designed unit that minimizes pressure drop from the front to rear side
  • Proper dwell times are used to ensure optimal felt dewatering
  • WeirFlos can be used to optimize overall press dewatering and performance