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Every mill and every machine is unique. We’ll work with you to understand the distinct characteristics of your mill and keep operations running optimally. Across our entire line of fabrics, equipment and components, we strive for partnership with our customers to deliver the best possible balance of useful life, cost and performance while looking out for business opportunities through replacements and rebuilds. Browse below to view our portfolio, identify relevant case studies and engage with our papermaking experts.

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AutoVac® HD-H (High vacuum series) by Paperchine

AutoVac HD Hivac Series high vacuum valve rated for 0-24” Hg (0 – 80 kPa) It includes a high torque rotary actuator with an integrated encoder rated for unrestricted modulation and an integrated vacuum sensor.

WeirFlo by Paperchine

Developed to accurately measure water flows in the former and press sections. Custom designed to meet specific flow requirements and space limitations

DeltaPlatform™ by Paperchine

The DeltaPlatform G5 is the latest generation of vertically adjustable table technology.

Actuator System by Paperchine

Repeatability is the key to consistently make a superior product.

EZ Trim System by Paperchine

316L Stainless Steel construction. Highly Polished Surfaces. Ruby Nozzles for Trim Accuracy. Machine Direction impingement angle adjustment and locking features.

EZ Trim Ruby Nozzles by Paperchine

316L Stainless Steel construction. Precision manufactured orifice. Single, Double, and Triple jet designs.

Nozzle Alignment Control (NAC) by Paperchine

Add on item to the EZTrim system that allows for precise nozzle alignment when operating double orifice needle nozzles.

Trim Squirt Collection Box by Paperchine

Fabricated from 316L Stainless Steel the Trim Squirt Collection box incorporates vacuum augmentation on a machine direction slot which is adjustable in the cross direction to be adjacent to the trim squirt cut.

EZ Pump Station by Paperchine

The EZ-Trim Pump Station is an integrated pumping system designed specifically for use with paper machine Trim Squirt systems.

Mist-Free Cleaning Systems™ by Paperchine

There are many causes of mist and contamination on a paper machine. Fabric cleaning does not have to be one of them. Our cleaning equipment helps your paper machine get cleaner and stay cleaner while creating a safer working environment.